Aspyn Ovard Tarte Palette Review

Hey all! It's Memorial Day weekend, and I'm spending this rainy Friday evening publishing my first post!

While I was getting ready for today's festivities, I was using this palette, and I thought-hey! This would be a great post to do. I've seen it being mentioned all over social media and since it's still new, I thought I might put my two cents in for anyone who hasn't tried it yet. I want to start this post out by saying 2 things: First-I am not in any way, shape, or form a makeup guru. I actually find my makeup skills to be quite lackluster. However, I do enjoy playing in makeup and feel like I know ENOUGH if you will. Second-I am a HUGE Tarte Cosmetics fan. It is literally THE ONLY makeup I use. I love everything about the line, from the way it looks, to what it's made of. SO, with that being said, probably any makeup reviews I do will be on Tarte products because I am RIDE OR DIE for them! Okay, so let's talk about their newest palette.

Aspyn Ovard is a social media influencer who I personally love to follow on Instagram (she has amazing photo presets if you're looking to amp up your photo game) but she also has a youtube channel, a blog, and an online store. AND she's only 22. (wtf have I been doing with my life actually?)

So, I love her, and I love Tarte, inevitably I bought this palette. Let's first talk about the aesthetics of it. Rose gold packaging, a heavy feel, beautiful floral design-I mean the first word that comes to mind is whimsical. Might be my favorite packaging done on any Tarte palette thus far. Also, I would be remiss to mention the smell...vanilla? Cocoa? DELICIOUS?

Moving on. I will admit, when I first opened the palette I was a little disappointed. The pan sizes seemed to me to be much smaller in person than what they appear in pictures. More specifically the blush and highlight. Once I used both, this enhanced my disappointment because I very quickly realized this was going to be my go to palette, and I was going to need BIG product, people!

I've used this palette for about two weeks now, and as I said above, this is my new go-to palette. The neutral colors are PERFECT for every day, and I feel if you are a beginner to makeup this is the perfect palette for you because you can't really mess these hues up. Any look you do will have such a natural and light feel to it, it's just amazing for every day.

My favorite aspect of the palette is the highlight, Pure Soul, it is absolutely STUNNING. I was shocked when I saw how bright it is in comparison to the more natural tones of the eyeshadows. My favorite eyeshadow shade would have to be Heart of Gold, so pretty. I will say for the shimmer shadows you're going to get the most pigment payoff by using your finger. I tried both a brush (wet and dry) and my finger, and it was no contest.

The only other thing I might note is that the middle shades on my arm in the picture above, which are the first three shades on the left in the palette, are almost TOO neutral. As you can see, they don't really show up. And they are very similar colors to one another. I've still used them to highlight and build color though, which is another awesome thing about these shades, they are so buildable.

I also have had the thought while using this palette that the shades in this palette are pretty similar to some of the ones in Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Volume III (which was my previous go to). So if you have this palette, you may not need to splurge on Aspyn's HOWEVER-that highlight...I'm telling you. It's a winner.

So that's my thoughts on this palette, like I said, really love it, new favorite, it's a for sure staple for me. 10/10!

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