Summer Must Haves

It's sweeeeeeet Summertime!! That permanent feeling of exhaustion from the sun and water has finally kicked in, and I couldn't be happier about it. As Summer is beginning I have already noticed a few things I've been reaching for pretty regularly, and thought I would share them with y'all.

These are my Summer must haves that I've recently discovered, although I'm sure this list will update in the future. Let me know if you use/like any of these products, and if you have any you think I'd like send me a link!

1. Tarte Lifted sweat proof mascara. This mascara is part of their athleisure line, but to be honest I just wear yesterday's makeup when I workout because I workout at home and DGAF if my mascara runs :) I do love to wear this mascara however, anytime I'm going to the beach or lake. It doesn't run, so I don't get raccoon eyes, it's dark brown so it looks really natural, and it gives my eyelashes this beautiful feathery look. I don't like to wear waterproof mascara because I've always heard about how bad it is for your eyelashes, but I never see any damage after wearing this typically all weekend or week, depending on what I'm doing. It never fails either, anytime I post on my instastory and am wearing this mascara I get at least one message asking me if those are my natural eyelashes. HIGHLY recommend!

2. Pacifica Bronzing Body Butter. (In coconut scent, of course). I actually discovered this last summer, although I was using the spray kind and switched to the lotion this summer. First of all, the SPF is the most important thing. That 50  gets the job done, let me tell ya. But my favorite thing is the bronzer in it. It gives this nice, opaque brown tint to your skin, which is super nice for pale girls like me! Also, just like anything I buy, it's cruelty free, vegan, and recyclable. It also is free of chemicals and hydrates your skin as it's protecting it. They make lip protector, face screen, and this same lotion in a few other scents as well. You can buy anything from the collection at Target, which is where I got this bad boy. It's actually time to replenish I do believe I'm almost out!

3. Khloe Kardashian KoKo mirrored aviator sunglasses with Diff eyewear. Diff eyewear is my FAVORITE place to buy sunglasses, and when I saw their collab with Khloe Kardashian I had to buy. I think they've completely sold out of these frames on their online store, but I did see them still available for purchase at Revolve and Dillard's.

4.  Ok so up next I added this Love, Beauty & Planet conditioner. I ran out of my conditioner and decided to pick this coconut water and mimosa flower conditioner up to try. It attracted me because the packaging is just so darn cute, and the scent was delicious, but I absolutely love the way it makes my hair feel! Soft, bouncy, full of volume. This line is designed to help the planet too, which I am so for. The bottles are recyclable, as well as made from recycled bottles, they are made to rinse out quickly so as to save water, they're cruelty free, AND they disclose their annual carbon emissions created through their production, and stay actively working to reduce their carbon footprint 20% by the year 2020. THIS. LINE. IS. AMAZING. And I predict they will be huge.

5. MY FAVORITE PRODUCT ON THIS LIST!! I have over the years collected an insane amount of beach totes from various places, mostly Victorias Secret, but have never really found one I love. UNTIL. I ran across this monogrammed poolside palm beach bag from I fell in love with the print when I saw it, so I purchased it on a whim (and on a sale) and when I got it in the mail-OH MY GOODNESS. It's so spacious, I fit five of my HUGE beach towels in it, with plenty of room. It's super cute, it has a pocket on the front, and you can get it personalized. What's not to love?

Hey, don't forget the most important summer must have-SUN AND WATER!!! Thanks for reading, if y'all have or try the products let me know what you think! xxo

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