My Summer Musts


I honestly cannot believe it's July already! The fourth has come and gone...I swear, Summer flies by. I think I've probably had a conversation every day for the past week about moving somewhere that has Summer year round. One of these days...

Anyway, I recently sat down with Matthew and planned our vacations, and while I was at it decided to create a bucket list. Just to ensure I don't look back this Fall and feel like I forgot to do something! 

I also thought it would be a simple and cute post to create, naming things I enjoy doing in the Summer, every year! So here's just a few things I always try to incorporate into every Summer season! I placed check marks next to the ones I've already done, being that it's already July and all :)


1. Attend a concert ✓

2. Eat ice cream ✓

3. Go to the lake ✓

4. Have a BBQ

5. Stargaze

6. Go on a date somewhere new

7. Take a road trip

8. Watch 4th of July fireworks ✓

9. Have a beach day

10. Go on a vacation

11. Have a backyard campout

12. Game night outside ✓

So that's it for my Summer must-dos! Let me know how you like to spend your Summers, I love adding things to my itinerary in the Summer. Matthew and I have already decided our goal for next Summer is to have a boat, so I'm sure some new musts will come from that...

EXCUSE TO EAT SWEETS GAME: For every time I said "Summer" in this post, eat something not within your diet regimen! 

Enjoy your Summer!! <--snuck in another one ;)

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