Rainforest of the Sea: Sizzle Eyeshadow Palette Review


Look what came in the mail today!!! 

Before I start, I need to address the fact that I still order from the website (despite having a Sephora 5 minutes from me) in writing, in hopes of breaking this bad habit...

Okay, back to our scheduled programming. LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY! It's no secret that I'm a Tarte fan, but the Rainforest of the Sea collection is my ABSOLUTE FAV of all their collections. I use the items from this collection the most! Their water foundation is my favorite for my dry ass skin, I just used their foil finger paints eyeshadow palette for the Taylor Swift concert this past weekend, I use their Drink of H2O every. damn. day. And the skin twinkle lighting palette volume II is my favorite of all their highlighters. Now, thanks to this beauty, my collection of all their eyeshadow palettes in this family is complete :)

With that being said, I love all the Rainforest of the Sea eyeshadow palettes for a variety of reasons, but I was VERY excited to see this new sizzle palette come out because it's my favorite brand, and in my favorite collection, and centered around my favorite color: PINK. Let's not forget the glitter.

The colors in this palette are perfect for Summer, and are centered around the golden hour, which we all know is the perfect hues of the day to take pictures in. There's peaches, pinks, rose gold, and even some brown and plum shades. In comparison to the colors in the other rainforest of the sea palettes, I think the closest you might come is with the original in one or two shades, but the colors in this palette overall are VERY different from the others and totally worth the buy.

I will say it looks to me like the colors in this palette are pretty close to Tarte's new: Love, Trust and Fairy Dust palette, but I can't say for certain because I don't own that palette...yet. ;)

My favorite things about these rainforest of the sea palettes is that you don't need a brush or primer. They are made to stay put and also made to be applied with your finger which is awesome because I'm THE WORST when it comes to keeping my brushes cleaned. I know, ew. This palette is no different, the formula is very buttery and just glides right onto the eyelid.

Here's a swatch of the shades, the very first shade didn't show as it is basically the color of my skin, and is also a matte shade that is perfect for transition. The rest were literally placed on my arm with one swipe of my finger, and as you can see, the pigment payoff is awesome.

I think my favorite shade in the palette would have to be "Snorkel" because it's just the prettiest pink, but "Starfish" is definitely coming in at a close second. In the above picture snorkel is the third from the left, and starfish is the last shade, closest to my wrist.

If you're interested in trying a Tarte eyeshadow palette, or you're already a fan, either way I recommend this palette. Especially if you have any of the other palettes from the rainforest collection and love them, this one will be no different, pending you enjoy the colors of a sunset :)

If I'm not mistaken Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea collection can only be purchased at Sephora or online, here's a link if you're interested in purchasing: Sizzle Palette

Hopefully you found this review to be helpful, if you end up buying and loving it as much as I do let me know! I love sharing my love for Tarte with others!

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