Taylor Swift Reputation Tour in Columbus

A few things before I start this post.

1. I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, have been since the beginning, so yes, this opinion of her concert is COMPLETELY biased, and no, I do not care :)
2. I got very little pictures while at the concert. I was much more concerned with loving every single second I spent in the same vicinity as this woman, than I was worried about picture taking.
3. This top picture I did not take, I stole it from T Swizzle herself, but I am in there SOMEWHERE!

Okay onward and upward. This was my fifth time going to a Taylor Concert. I think I've been to every one of her tours except her very first one. Aside from the first of hers I ever went to, which is to this day, my favorite memory of all time-this one had to be my favorite.

This one was the cheapest of all I've been to, considering I live in Columbus so I didn't have to pay for a hotel, and we had amazing seats, which definitely helped with my enjoyment. But the production as a whole was nothing short of spectacular.

The snakes everywhere absolutely MADE this show. They were literally, everywhere. There were giant inflatable snakes, 3d snakes on screen, she sat on a snake crown, and at one point there was even a skeleton snake floating above the crowd, which she later rode back to the main stage. I also love that she took something that was said about her in such a negative way, and made into her image. Brilliant.

Taylor came out to "...Ready for It?" Which was an absolute perfect opener. I don't know that the buzz in the crowd ever came down from that opening performance, except maybe when she sang Love Story, where everyone's wrists lit up pink due to the bracelets she gives you before the show, and we all sang in unison.

There were fireworks shooting into the air through a few of her songs, and at one point there was actual fire shooting out, which was hot as hell in the crowd, I can't even imagine what it was like on stage.

During "Delicate" Taylor hopped in a little floating doohickey and flew to a stage that was a car length's away from me and I nearly had a conniption and DIED. But once there Camila Cabello and Charli XCX joined her and then I had to almost die again, but it's fine.

Taylor then made her way very far away from me, *sigh* to the other side of the stadium, touching fans' hands as she went. When she made her way back to the main stage she finished the show with the rest of the songs off her album, including a mashup with "Should've Said No" and it was SPECTACULAR.

My favorite part/memory EVER from the very first concert of hers that I ever went to, was when she sang "Long Live." There's a line in the song where she says, "I said remember this moment, in the back of my mind." And I remember being a teenager and standing there that summer, listening to her sing that line and thinking, "I will never, ever forget this."

Much to my excitement, she played this song again and stated just before she sang it, that she wrote this song years ago for her fans, and for her it would always be about them. This moment, next to her being still at times and looking out at the crowd in silence, taking everything in, had to be my two favorite parts of the show.

Overall, even though it's only July, I have no hesitation in saying that this concert is going to be the highlight of my entire year, and another favorite memory to add to the books. I didn't get many pictures but if you follow me on Instagram (kneee_xx) and check out my "adventure" highlights on my page, there's a ton of videos I took at the concert there.

This show was Ohio Stadium's largest show to date, it was indescribably mesmerizing and I'd do it over and over and over again if I could. ;)

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