That Time I Met Raelynn

So if you read my top ten Summer musts post, then you know the very first thing I listed on there was go to a concert. In all actuality, I try to attend at least once concert a month in the Summer, even if it's in the worst seats possible, because outdoor concerts are what makes Summertime the best, in my opinion.

This Raelynn concert was something decided on a whim. My friend Kim texted and asked if she got tickets if I'd go, and I said HELL. YES. Truth be told it was actually a Josh Turner concert, but we were there to see Raelynn and actually didn't even stay to watch him perform after we met her 😂 I heard it rained while he was skies while we were watching her 💁

If you don't know who Raelynn is, first of all, come on out from under that rock and second of all, buy her album WildHorse because it's the best thing ever. But seriously, she was a contestant on The Voice, season 2, I think. She was on Blake Shelton's team, and she didn't win, but she has since been very successful, with her album debuting at number one, which only a couple female country artists have been able to accomplish, including Shania Twain. She also has remained friends with Blake Shelton, who attended her wedding with Gwen Stefani, and has matching tattoos with Miranda Lambert, and recently co-wrote her newest single "Tailgate" with FGL...just to name drop a little 😉

So we went to this RAELYNN concert, and let me tell ya, she was AWESOME. She sounded great, she did a great job interacting with the crowd, moving all over the stage, keeping us entertained. It was a really great show.

I had mentioned to my friend earlier in the day that I had a feeling she would do a meet and greet, and sure enough, once she finished her final song she announced she was going immediately to the merch table to meet fans.

Kim and I debated for like .5 seconds whether we were going to fight the madness to try and meet her, and finally said, "screw it", and ran over there. We didn't wait in line very long, which was nice, because it was steadily growing and people were getting hostile.

When we got to the front Raelynn was standing behind the merchandise table, and was leaning across to take pictures with fans. When my turn came Raelynn greeted me with a smile, I said, "Hi!" and She said, "hi!" I noticed first off that she was tiny! I think I had a quite few inches on her, which you can kind of tell on television that she's little.

I followed my hi with, "it's nice to meet you!" To which Raelynn didn't respond, she had taken my phone and was leaning across to take a picture with me. We took our picture and I thanked her, and then she thanked me and I went on my way. Riveting, I know.

I really intended on conversing with her and requesting that she do more Folgers singing in her instastories, (if you follow her you remember exactly which one I'm talking about), but to be honest I didn't really get the vibe that she was trying to talk. Don't get me wrong she wasn't rude at all, very polite actually, but also not super friendly. I don't think it was in a negative way though, I think that she had a lot of people wanting to meet her and she was trying to accomplish that promptly, and also she had just performed and was probably tired.

Regardless, she is my first official star that I've met in my adulthood. I met Shania Twain and Willa Ford when I was a kid...any 90's babies remember Willa Ford?! I, I wanna be baaadd...ok, sorry, I digress.

This Raelynn concert makes the second concert I've been to this month, and absolutely made my entire year. Don't get me wrong, Taylor was AWESOME. But being able to meet Raelynn, not having to pay an arm and a leg for it, and her taking the time to do that I think makes me an even bigger fan. I would say next to Taylor, she might be my favorite artist right now, so my bucket list is just getting checked left and right. Now my third goal would be to see Kelsea Ballerini and then I am all set this year.

Congrats to Raelynn on all of her past and future successes. If you haven't heard any of her music check out "Queen's Don't" that's my fav! Thanks for reading!!

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