My Publishing Picks?

I got the idea for this blog sometime last week, and have been SUPER excited about putting it together ever since. I've talked a lot in previous posts about things that I enjoy and incorporate into my life for self-care, such as podcasts and reading and music, etc. I noticed myself last week giving suggestions to people around me according to whatever their tastes are, of some of my favorite things that I thought they would enjoy as well.

Talking to others actively about how much I enjoy these things and how often I add to them, gave me the idea of this post where I could share all things media that I'm into right now with all of y'all. I'm thinking I might do it monthly, since I am always adding to these lists, but haven't been able to come up with a name for the posts yet. THANKS FOR NOTHING JENN. 😆

Monthly Media Favorites? Monthly Mass Media Mayhem? Just something favorite media picks? I don't know. If y'all have any ideas shoot them my way. Okay, so for this month, here's what I'm loving!

Television Shows:

  • Big Little Lies ~ First of all, Reese Witherspoon. Second of all, Nicole Kidman. The End. No, but seriously, I ended up watching the first episode of this because I was caught up on all of my other shows (ugh) and really just wanted to chill and relax. But 5 minutes into episode one, and I was hooked. It's about all these rich women who are all hiding something, and someone gets murdered in their town, and everyone's pointing fingers. But one "perfect" woman has an abusive husband, and another one is super evil, and then the most intriguing storyline to me is the one who has a son (in Kindergarten I think?) that blacks out and does things that he can't remember. The only catch is that it's on HBO so I had to pay for it, but binge watching shows is what our paychecks are all about AMIRITE?! 

  • Younger ~ I literally cannot stop talking about this show. This is the first show since Grey's Anatomy that I have absolutely become hooked on. And I get bored VERY easily with shows. I binge watched this for days, I rewatch episodes while I'm running on the treadmill, I'm always talking about it. OBSESSED. It's got Hilary Duff in it which is what drew me to it because she was absolutely my childhood, but the character that steals the show for me is Diana, the boss. The plot is that this 40 year old woman (Liza) can't get a job in publishing due to her age, so she pretends to be in her twenties, gets a job, and then has to keep it a secret from everyone around her which ruins everyone around her. Oh and the two main character males in it are GORGEOUS which is a plus for watching. I LOVE this show, it is my favorite show in a very long time and I HIGHLY recommend. 


  • Loote-"Your Side of the Bed" ~ This song is actually kind of sad, but I literally blast this and JAM. It reminds me a little of "Closer" by Halsey which was my shit.

  • Florida Georgia Line-"Smooth" ~ Okay, so what FGL song isn't great? HUGE FGL fan here 🙋 This one, and "Simple" have been on repeat in my head as of lately. LOVE.


  • "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis ~ This is a self-care, self-help, entertaining read. I've recommended it to clients with anxiety, I've suggested it to people who lack confidence, and I've enjoyed it myself as I share the same sense of humor as the author. It's essentially a book about how to live better, healthier, and happier, but in a fearless and straightforward approach. 

  • "Zen as F*ck" by Monica Sweeney ~ This is actually a guided journal, not a book to read, but I love it because it's totally my personality to a T. As the full title states, it's "a journal for practicing the mindful art of not giving a shit." Yep, that's me. Also, I'm not very good at journaling because I'm not really a "feelings" type of person per say, but I like this because it prompts me in a way that I can relate. If you do not enjoy a little profanity, you will not enjoy this. But I will say that I read somewhere that people with vulgar mouths are more intelligent. Just sayin'. 😇


  • The Sunday Chapter ~ This blog is ran by an Australian girl named Angela. It's a lifestyle blog, covering a little bit of everything. I actually found her via Instagram, because she had created a lot of those really pretty templates people were filling out and putting in their stories. She's been doing a lot of fashion posts lately, but I think she's interesting because of where she is in the world, even though I think it's cold over there right now, and seeing her in sweaters is depressing 😭 I will link her blog here --> The Sunday Chapter

  • Hillary Cripps ~ She's a fashion and lifestyle blogger, but I actually follow her more for the fashion side. She has totally my taste in all things clothing, so I am always replicating her outfits or using them for inspo. She's also fairly new, which I think is cool. Here's her link: Shop Hillary Cripps

Okay, and last but not least... my favorite...


  • "Happier" with Gretchen Rubin ~ Okay, I LOVE this podcast. This podcast is ran by a woman named Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth, and they give ideas and hacks for making your life healthier, happier, more productive, and more creative. Gretchen has a book out, well she has several, but one in particular that I have ordered, and hopefully I enjoy it just as much. I really enjoy listening to this podcast, it's incredibly inspirational and I always feel like my mind is buzzing with content after I listen. The book I purchased is the Four Tendencies, which is about  how you integrate habits into your life. She has a test you can take online to see what "type" of person you are, and no surprise, my answer was "the rebel." Hopefully I read and love this book, and it'll go on my list for next month. 

  • "It's Happening" with Snooki and Joey ~ It sounds funny me listing this one after just mentioning this more in depth podcast, but I really enjoy listening to this one for very different reasons. Gretchen's podcast is more inspirational, uplifting, thoughtful. But on days when I just want to laugh and not think, and feel like I'm on the phone with a friend, I listen to this one. Snooki and her cohost Joey, who happens to be her makeup artist, have awesome chemistry and are a blast to listen to. 

Well, hopefully I shared with you some things that you think you'd enjoy or are interested in. These are just a few of my favorites right now, but I add to my podcasts and books to read, etc. constantly. Let me know if you check any of these things out and what your thoughts are on them. Or if you think of an awesome title for me 😁 Thanks for reading!!

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