Tarte: Love, Trust, & Fairy Dust Palette Review

Well, I finally buckled down and bought this beauty! This purchase was a little different for me than when I usually purchase new Tarte products. Typically they release something new, I pass out, and then wake up and willingly put my bank account in the negative to purchase the entire collection they've released.

This Love, Trust, & Fairy Dust collection was different however, in the way that I saw it and just didn't feel like I HAD to have it. This has happened only one other time, and it was with their holiday collection last year, which I ended up never buying anything from.

Don't get me wrong-I thought this new collection was cute, but it wasn't one that I absolutely fell in love with. In fact, I thought it was kind of childish.

There are two big reasons I ended up buying this palette, (and plan on buying the brushes in the collection). The first is that this collection falls in line with their other two magical collections: the Make Believe in Yourself collection which is Unicorn inspired, and the Mer-Makeup collection which is of course, Mermaid inspired. So naturally since I have (and love) the other two, I feel like it's only right I also purchase the Fairy-inspired collection.

The second reason is that I saw some people doing eye looks with this palette and absolutely fell in love with the sunrise feel of the colors.

So now that I have this palette in my possession...what do I think?

Well as you can tell by the picture above, I've already been digging my brushes into it. The truth is, when I opened it I thought it was absolutely beautiful. And it smells delicious, as all Tarte palettes do.  It's a fantastic mix of mattes and shimmers, ranging in hues of purple, to orange, pink, and nude. The highlighter in the center of the palette is AWESOME. It has a light shimmer, but is buildable for more of a wow factor if that's what you're after.

My favorite shade in the palette is 100% Twinkle, which is listed as a metallic gold, but goes on more like a burnt orange shade to me, which I love. In the following picture, Twinkle is the shade number 5, beginning at my elbow. I also don't know that you can really see the highlight in this picture, I tried not to edit it too much so the shade hues wouldn't change. It's the last swipe on my wrist in the picture below.

As far as similarities of this palette to another, I would say the most recent Rainforest of the Sea palette that just came out, it's called the Sizzle palette, would probably be the closest in shades, although that palette definitely doesn't have those beautiful orange shades.

Although I still feel like the brushes in this collection are a little childish in appearance, they are Tarte brushes so I know they will be great, so I do plan on buying them. Overall I do like this palette, I do see myself using it a lot, HOWEVER-out of the three magical collections, the Unicorn inspired collection is still my absolute favorite. Loved that palette, loved those brushes, just restocked on that highlight-so if you're debating between the three, that collection is the one I would recommend.

Hopefully this post helped if you were wondering about this palette, or even about any of the palettes I mentioned in this post. Tarte is such a great brand, even if you're not ever crazy about the packaging, you just can't go wrong with their product. I'll attach a link to this collection down below, for you to shop if you're interested!

Love, Trust, & Fairy Dust

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