November 2018 Goals

Well, I was right in my last goals post...October flew right on by!

Between the cruise, cedar point, and trying to play catch up, I feel like I blinked and the leaves had changed. 

As much fun as the cruise was, I am kind of sad I feel like I missed out on the month of October! It's one of my favorite months. I really haven't done anything Fall apple orchard, no pumpkin patch, no Halloween festivities. I at least try to go to haunted things every year, and didn't even do that! Ugh.

Anyway, I'd like to review my goals from last month, and see how I did. I don't have a good feeling about it though...

Then I'm going to set some new goals for this month and get freakin motivated!!

👎 Okay so, my first goal for October was to read 3 books. Well, I didn't meet that one. I only read one book the entire month. But-I did order two new books that I haven't started yet, so they are ready for my reading pleasure. ~Also, that justifying I just did for not meeting this goal is inexcusable. Anything after 'but' is bullshit!

👍 Goal Two I met! I finished studying my guide for my exam! Now I'm just constantly reviewing until my exam date comes. Woohoo!

👎 Third-buy a rug for my living room. Nope. I've picked out which one I want, I've gotten it approved by Matthew, but still no purchase. Y'all...I am SO disinterested in interior design. My house is literally still so empty that it echoes. Pathetic, I know.

👎 Number four was to get my closet organized. Unfortunately, Matt did not finish building it yet, so I am only willing to take half credit on this one 😇

👎 Next, was go to a Fall fest. Nope. I really wanted to go last weekend but we didn't end up doing that. That's going on my November goals though, because Fall isn't over!!

💭 The sixth goal was to get right back on track with my eating. I'm going to give myself a "kind of" on this one, just because I haven't been RIGHT back to where I was when I left, but I did A LOT better this time than when I returned from the beach.

👎 Buy three more Christmas presents...nope. I have only bought one more.

👍 Number eight was to finish decorating my office and I completed this!! It looks really good too, in my opinion. Now if I could only get motivated to do my house...

👎 Nine was to cheat less on weekends with unhealthy bueno.

👎 The last one was I wanted to call my mom at least once just to say hi. Unfortunately I did not meet this goal either.

Well, as you can see, I definitely had more thumbs downs than I did thumbs ups. The good news is that making my November goals list will be easy...right? 😅 2/10 goals met this month!

Now time for my November goals!

     1. Read 2 books. Since I wasn't able to complete 3 last month, I'm going to lessen my goal to try and make it more attainable.

     2.  Schedule my exam. I started this process today, so hopefully I can have this finished by tomorrow!

     3. Buy a rug AND coffee table for the living room. I'm determined to make our house look like someone actually lives in it. 

     4.  Go to a Fall festival. Fall is NOT over, and I am determined to at least visit ONE Fall activity.

     5. Buy 3 more Christmas presents. 

     6. Only eat a treat meal two times on the weekends. I feel like my "cheat less" on weekends goal was too vague, and maybe if I'm more specific it will help me reach it. 

     7. Call my mom at least once, just to say hi. Come on, Court. 

Alright, that's it for my November goals! I decided to create less of them this time, since there were so many from last month that I didn't reach. If I don't do well this month either, I'll probably cut them in half next time.

Hopefully seeing the fact that I didn't reach all of my goals helps you to feel less guilty if maybe you didn't meet as many of your own goals last month as you wanted to either.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Life has a lot of different seasons. I don't mean just the weather seasons, but like this past month's season for me was a season of vacation and relaxation! And that's okay. In fact, 5 years from now I won't remember that I didn't reach my goals, but I will remember all the beautiful places I visited, the trip to the amusement park with the people I love, and enjoying some down time once returning home with Matt.

Also, one of the goals I did complete was my BIGGEST goal that I wanted to, so that is success to me. 

Hopefully seeing my November goals has inspired you to create some of your own! It's nice to have things you're always working toward. Helps to build your self-efficacy. 

Thanks for reading!!

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