Holiday Gift Guides

Hey guys! Happy December 1st!

I've been wanting to post a gift guide for some time now, but with my test getting closer and closer I was studying more, and have been too mentally drained to do it!

Luckily, I passed my exam this morning, and can now spend the rest of the year relaxing and shopping! 😉

I'm going to make just a general gift guide for her, and gift guide for him, instead of breaking them down into a million different guides. I'm curious to know...where is your favorite place to shop?

Mine always fluctuates, but right now I'm obsessed with APL's, and want them ALL. Leave a comment down below with any other gift suggestions or ideas!


  • APL's  --These are my favorite running shoes, I've been asking for a different pair for Christmas since I found them. typically has good deals on sneakers, and I was able to get a pair off of there last year around this time for a really good price.

  • Makeup Gift Sets --Makeup gift sets are such a good idea because they can range anywhere from $8.00 to $148.00, depending on what you want to spend. The other good thing with makeup is that you can physically see what someone wears on their face (i.e. lipstick) to know that they would or would not wear lipstick. This gift set from Tarte is my favorite right now, because lately I've been all about skincare!

  • Skin Serum -- Speaking of skincare...I have been noticing my eyes are getting lines underneath, so I"m on the hunt to find a good skin serum. This is the one I asked for this year, so we will see how it works!

  • Wireless headphones --I really want to get back into running this coming year, so I asked for a lot fitness-related things to help with that. You can obviously find wireless headphones for much cheaper, but these are the most popular currently.

  • Apple Watch -- I think this one is on everyone's list! 

Don't forget gift cards for girls too! Gift cards are always my favorite thing to receive, as I enjoy the process of shopping! Victoria's Secret and Amazon is my favorite place to get and give gift cards!


  • My first suggestion for a guy is lessons or tickets of some sort. I bought Matt golf lessons this year, which I think is a really cool, different gift!

  • Golf shorts  --to go with the lessons! I got him this color, black, and a navy pair! 

  • Slippers -- I was actually searching for slippers for myself when I found these at Nordstrom. Matt needs these after Arrow ate his last pair!!

  • Shoes --I saw these and thought they would be good shoes for when Matt plays basketball, but I typically buy him some sort of new shoe each year. 

  • Scratch Off Map --I always try to get something totally unexpected as a gift, and I saw this and thought it was perfect. They have different variations, but you can scratch off the places you've been, which is perfect for travelers and those with a man-cave! 

That's it for me! Hope I was able to give you ideas other than the typical scarves and robes I've been seeing everywhere.

Thanks as always for reading!

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