Essential Steps to Manifesting the Year of Your Dreams

Happy New Year! How has 2019 been treating you so far?

I'm not a big resolution person-I'm a rebel at heart so feeling constricted with "have tos" and "musts" can be setting myself up to fail. I am very goal-oriented however, and at the end of 2018 I even began opening my mind to more spiritual ways of thinking.

As a result of this shift in perspective, I've really been learning about intention setting, moon phases, chakra alignment, meditation, astrology, and of course, manifesting.

I've spent this first week of the New Year really figuring out how to incorporate all of these aspects into my daily rituals, as a way of enhancing my short and long-term goals. I'm still trying to get a rhythm to practicing each regularly, but I have at least started on the path.

In this post I'm going to talk about the act of manifesting-and how you can utilize it as a way to create the year that you really want.

Manifesting your dream life all comes down to one simple concept: The Law of Attraction. Most people have heard of this and are aware of what it is. Others, (like myself) who have never heard of it may need to research it before trying to manifest your desires.

Essentially the idea is just what it sounds: you attract that which you spend your time and energy on. Just as the law of gravity proves over and over that if we drop something it's hitting the ground, the law of attraction proves that what we think about and talk about, we attract.

A lot of people don't believe in this concept. Some, because they think it's "magic." It's not. Others, because they are more scientific thinkers. The law of attraction still follows science, it's just we aren't dealing with an apple falling to the ground, we are dealing with thoughts and feelings. These are more difficult to measure.

I, myself, am a very rational thinker. In therapy we would refer to the idea of the law of attraction as your internal locus of control, or basically the belief that you have control over the things that occur in your life. I tell my clients all the time, there is nothing in your life that you aren't allowing and inviting to be there.

If you'd like to see more tangible proof of this law, youtube it. I'm sure just about everyone has heard of the plants that died with negative energy, and those that thrived with positive.

However you wish to believe is entirely up to you. I will say that one of the vital steps to manifesting is the belief that you can have and will have that which you want. That would mean you'd have to also believe in the law of attraction. Without this belief, you will struggle to manifest.

Not just belief in this law is important, the belief that you deserve the things that you want is equally important. If you don't think that you are deserving, these negative thoughts are going to outweigh the positive, thus converting your energy to negative. You might attract the opposite!

✨ To start your manifesting process, you first need to create a positive and quiet space of your own to practice in daily. I set up a little spot in one of our spare bedrooms, and I brought in my favorite sherpa blanket, a diffuser for my essential oils, and earplugs. I plan on bringing more into the space, but for now, that's what I have.

I know you can use crystals for meditation and enhancing the energy you are after, but I haven't got that far in what I've learned. I only have one small crystal and it's just sitting pretty on my desk at work!

Although I'm not sure how you do it, I know that Selenite is a good crystal for your meditation space. It's good for cleansing your chakras, clearing your mind, and promoting peace.

Another good one for this is Tourmaline. It protects you against negative energy, banishes negative thoughts, enhances positive thinking and creativity, and cleanses the physical and ethereal bodies.

You can also use Sage to cleanse your space, my mom grows Sage and does this habitually.

Again, I'm not entirely sure what you specifically do with the crystals, but I'm sure there are books or the handy dandy internet to assist you. I plan on learning eventually, so I'll share as I go!

✨ Next on your to-do list is just that- creating your lists. I created 3 lists for the New Year, and I recite each as part of my morning routine.

The first list is a list of my intentions-essentially what I want to manifest for myself this year.

The next list is a list of all that I already have and am grateful for. Practicing gratitude daily is an essential and possibly the most important step to manifesting. Sending out those positive and thankful vibes to the universe attracts more of that type of energy.

Your final list is a list of "wish you wells." Create a list of people in your life, and identify something you want to manifest for them as well. The key to this one is including those that you have conflict with. The first three people on your list should be people you don't really care for or get along with. And yes, every day you are trying to manifest something good for them. What you put out, you will get back. Remember that.

With these lists is where the phases of the moon come in. Each moon phase means and does something different, and the moon's interaction with the star signs all do something different as well. Although I've been really diving into this and have learned quite a lot in this area, for the sake of this post, we will keep it simple.

New Moons are perfect moons for intention setting. They are the start of a new cycle of moon phases, and are the perfect time for focusing on your hopes and dreams for the future. We had our first New Moon of the year on January 5. The list of New Moon dates for this year are: 02/04, 03/06, 04/05, 05/04, 06/03, 07/02, 07/31, 08/30, 09/28, 10/27, 11/26, 12/25.

Full Moons are your manifesting moons. The moon is fully illuminated during this time, and bringing out our deepest emotions and feelings. That's why you want these feelings to be in accordance with what you want to manifest! The Full Moon dates for this year are: 01/20, 02/19, 03/20, 04/19, 05/18, 06/17, 07/16, 08/15, 09/13, 10/13, 11/12, 12/11.

✨ A vision board is the next step in your manifestation process. Look up examples on the internet if you are unsure what a vision board looks like. I had my clients in group do this just before the New Year, and they all seemed to really enjoy the experience. We used poster board, and cut out phrases, pictures, and symbols that represented things we wanted to manifest this year. Don't forget to hang it somewhere where you can see it every day. This vision board allows you to incorporate your thoughts into something tangible that others can see as well.

✨After your vision board creation, it's time to find an object to carry with you as a reminder at all times. I use my crystal, but you can choose any object you want. Maybe an ornament or piece of jewelry. You carry this object with you as a constant reminder to anchor yourself and continue being grateful and open to the universe.

✨The next small step for manifesting is opening your life and acting as if you already have the things you desire. Pretending as though you have the confidence already, or are wealthy, or whatever it is, creates the positive mindset you need to attract what you want.

The final steps in your manifestation process are where the real magic happens.

✨Here we are...meditation. This is the one I struggle with the most. My mind is incredibly active. But meditation is where you focus all of your thoughts and intentions toward what you want. The more detail and concentration you can put into your meditation, the more likely you are to manifest that which your meditating on. Don't just visualize that Louis Vuitton bag you want, visualize yourself going to the store, purchasing it, the cashier getting it for you, handing it over, the smell, the way it feels...etc. Also, visualizing from a third person viewpoint is a better way of creating detail. What are you wearing? What does your hair look like?

✨The last and most important step to manifesting is here. Taking inspired action. It does you no good to create vision boards, read, meditate, visualize, follow the moon cycles, any of that, if you just expect handouts. Sitting and waiting for your life to be created for you is ignorant. And lazy. You still have to put in energy. If you want a new job you need to be looking. If you want to lose weight you should be practicing healthy habits. The more active you are in changing your life, the more active the universe comes in helping.

There you have it, 7 steps to help you manifest your perfect 2019. The key to all of these is consistency. If you practice these steps, or even just one of them, but only once or twice, that's not doing you a whole lot of good. Try to create this manifestation process into your daily routine, until it becomes a way of life.

Make this year the year that everything coming into your life is only because you manifested it there!

Here's to a happy, laughter-filled, magical year. I hope you manifest your greatest year yet.

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