Summer Lover's Tips on Getting Through Winter

It's snowing in Ohio!

We managed to make it all the way to the New Year without any of this cold, wet stuff, and I was so thankful! I am such a Summer girl...I love the river, and doing yoga outside, and wearing bronzer 'cause I'm pale as shit.

So we got our first real snow last weekend, and I will say, it is beautiful. If you're a fellow Summer lover then you know exactly what I mean when I say that it is VERY difficult for me to enjoy Winter. If you're someone who loves Winter most of all...kudos?

I just heard yesterday that we are supposed to get another snow storm this coming weekend, and I was instantly filled with dread. I just really can't stand to be cold, and I really can't stand the extra time it takes to get to work because the roads are icy. So instantaneously I became irritated and had to check myself.

It's really easy to focus on the things we don't like and don't want, and lose our sense of gratitude and positivity that keeps our spirits feeling well. So I decided instead of pouting, I'd find all the tips and tricks I know that help keep me happy during Winter and share them with y'all!

How to Not Hate Winter (As Much):

  • Buy a really cute pair of boots.  One of my least favorite things about Winter is the bulkiness of the clothing. But cute boots are definitely a positive of cold weather. So one thing I've gotten in the habit of doing is asking for a new pair of boots every Christmas, that way I am anticipating snow so that I get to wear them!

  • Be mindful of the beauty.  Driving to work the other day I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the trees were all covered in ice. It's hard to be irritated or depressed when you're noting something so pretty to look at. 

  • Go to bed/wake up earlier.  One of the things about this season that gets me really frustrated is the lack of daylight in the evenings. I feel like I just don't have enough time to get everything done that I want to get done. So one way to get around this is by going to bed earlier so you can get up earlier. I'm typing this post at 6 am, because I just haven't had the time in the evenings! I use up all the daylight doing other things, and then I'm exhausted. Something about the Sun going down for me that just gets me totally unmotivated. 

  • Incorporate Seasonal weekly activities.  There is one thing to be said about Winter-it's a cozy season. So one of the joys of that is almost craving cozy activities that I don't care so much for in the Summer. Reading, writing, watching movies at home, hot bubble baths...these are all things that I love to do this season that I can sometimes forget about in the warm months. Winter is definitely a season for quality time. 

  • Enjoy comfort foods.  This could also fall under the seasonal section and/or the buying new boots section. I like to take full advantage of crockpot meals in the Winter, the same way I do grill meals in the Summer. Warm and toasty meals this season are such a plus.

  • Be a kid again. One thing I try to do in my adulthood all of the time is think about the things I loved as a kid, so I don't lose that part of me. I didn't like Winter as a kid either, but I did love sledding. So going outside and playing in the snow with my pup, or tubing, or whatever-are things that make the snow fun and not a nuisance. 

  • Get a HappyLite. This is a type of energy lamp that mimics natural sunlight. It's proven to put you in a better mood, boost your energy, and help you concentrate. 

  • Plan a getaway. If you plan to go on a cruise in the Winter they are typically cheaper. Also, getting a cozy cabin for the weekend with your significant other can be super romantic in general, but especially so in the cold months.

  • Get your inside house projects done. Winter is a good time to get all of the things inside your home completed. It's also fun to rearrange and redecorate your home according to the season. Seems a little more bearable when you have cute Winter decor everywhere.

  • Get Winter scented everything. Candles, body wash, car name it. One thing I do look forward to in the Winter is my gingerbread hand lotion!

So that's all I got! 10 ways to try and have a happier Winter.

Are you more of a warm weather or cold weather person? I feel like most people like Fall the best.

Whether Winter is your favorite or not, let me know what you enjoy about the cold weather months. Comment on this post or on my instagram picture for this post, and let me know how you like to spend your time when it's cold out.

Have a great rest of the month, and try to enjoy matter the season!

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