Too Faced: Tutti Frutti Collection Review

Okay, let me start this post out by acknowledging that it is looonggg overdue. 

This collection was released late last Summer, I wanna say, and I actually received the collection for Christmas. So I've been using it, and been forming opinions, but just haven't gotten around to writing my actual review. 

But we are finally here! My very first non-Tarte product review. Remember as you read that I am just your average girl who loves makeup. I honestly have no clue what I'm doing with it half the time. So these opinions are just that- opinions. Non-professional opinions at that. 

But I will tell you my thoughts on them, and you choose to do with that what you will! 

I'd like to start with the sole reason I bought my very first non-Tarte product: the packaging. 

I think the packaging on this collection is just absolutely beautiful, but I am such a sucker for pineapple anything. Beach vibes ERRY. DAY.

So you take that, add some sparkle, and make it all smell like Summer... SOLD.

The packaging online looked absolutely beautiful and in person it does not disappoint. Very well made, heavy, nice, pretty. Too Faced definitely got that right. 

Alright, so I will just start with the Sparkling Pineapple Eye Shadow Palette. It retails for $34.00, and in it you get matte, metallic, satin, and glitter shades. 

I really like the neutrals in this palette that make it very wearable, and I find myself drawn to the green shade a lot. Probably because that isn't a color you see often in other palettes. I think the gold is my favorite shade however, it swipes on beautifully with just my finger, and gives me complete New Years vibes. 

Overall I have found that for the best color payoff with the sparkly shades in this palette you need to use your finger to apply. The mattes work just fine with a brush, and blend with ease. 

I really like this palette and use it frequently!

Next up, I'll do the Fresh Squeezed Highlighter Drops. These retail for $30.00 and are worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY. 

I got the Pina Colada shade, and I am here to tell you that this is the most BLINDING, SPARKLING, MESMERIZING highlight I have ever used. Hands down my favorite highlight I own. 

I honestly thought it was going to be comparable to Tarte's Rainforest of the Sea Radiance drops, as they have similar packaging styles and are both recommended for use as a highlighter and body oil. But they are not similar AT ALL in my opinion.

The Tarte drops are a very subtle, sheen glow. These Too Faced drops are INTENSE. If you don't like sparkle, glitter, shine, brightness...these aren't for you. There is nothing subtle about them.

Trust me when I say, a VERY little goes a long way. I plan on keeping these drops stocked always in my collection.

Okay, next up is the Fruit Cocktail Strobing Blush Duo. 

This, to me, was the prettiest of all the packaging. I thought the little apricots on the front were too cute. I have to say however, I was disappointed in the color payoff. 

It might just be this apricot shade, as obviously this shade is not a true pink, but it is extremely subtle. I feel like it requires a more dense brush to be able to show up, and I have some pale ass skin. 

It also doesn't help that I recently got Tarte's new Pro Glow and Blush palette, and the pigment in that is CRAZY GOOD. So essentially, if you like a very subtle blush, you'll like this. 

It comes with a colored highlight and I mix the two together when I use it. I think it makes a very pretty, glistening pop of color on the cheeks for sure. 

So this Paradise Strobing Bronzer is the product I saw first that attracted me to the collection. 

This is a bronzer duo, and I would say everything I said above about the blush applies to this as well. It's a very subtle bronze, but also very pretty mixed with the highlight it comes with. 

I think these duos are perfect for more those who prefer a more natural look, or like if you are just running out quick and want to add a little something. 

The blush and bronzer duos are $30.00, so I would definitely go in store and try the shades out before you buy one!

Last, but not least, the Banana Setting powder. I LOVE this stuff. I had been looking for a really good under eye setting powder for a while now, and I found it in this.

It's very dense with little to no fallout, and doesn't cause flashback in pictures. It also has a very subtle banana smell, which I actually really like. Not overpowering at all. 

I'd say the entire collection has a fruity smell, but not bad. Nice, not too much. 

This Banana powder retails for $30.00, and it's going to be another staple. I've been using it every day since I got it. The yellow tone of it is perfect for the redness that is my eczema skin. It also has a little sheen to it!

Those are all of the products in this collection that I got for Christmas. They have lipglosses and stick highlighters and things too, but you'll have to check those out yourself!

I'd also like to add that I got a sample of the foundation that comes in this collection, and I wasn't a fan. Don't get me wrong-it was really nice. Looked good once applied and actually made my face feel REALLY soft, but the smell was TOO MUCH. There was nothing subtle about the Watermelony smell of this one, and I just couldn't stand smelling it all day. So for $36.00 I will just stick to Tarte, thanks. 

Overall, I really liked this collection, and use a lot of it regularly. I would buy the eyeshadow, highlighter, and banana powder again. I probably won't rebuy the duos once they run out.

That's all I got for my unprofessional opinion! Leave any comments down below, and thanks, as always, for reading!

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